Saniya Bhatia

One Evening at 8p.m., I was all ready to go and meet my friends for dinner. As soon as I got my car I felt the most horrible pain of my life. It did start on my tooth, going to my head, till my chin and in not less than a minute to my shoulders. I was so scared not really knowing what was going on. I had a faint hint that it might be my tooth, as it was troubling me for a while, but did not know that one tooth could cause me so much pain. But, as Dr. Salah correctly put it – “It’s one tooth, but it is your tooth.”

I had no idea what to do, so I popped up a few pills and tried to calm myself down. Next morning, first thing I called up Dr. Salah and asked him for an appointment on urgent basis. He was very accommodating and asked me to drop by that day itself. On entering the clinic building, I was escorted from the parking to his clinic (Yes they have awesome parking facilities) and to my surprise it was the most comfortable dental clinics I have seen – with beautiful view, and background music. I felt at home immediately.

Dr. Salah did a check up and made me understand the cause of the problem. He did treat me by extracting my tooth in the most “pain free” manner and did assist with all problems that came up with me. To my surprise, – I saw that he was following up with me on daily basis to know how I was feeling and did give a step by step guidance. Unlike, when the patients have to wait for their next appointment to speak to their Doctor. He made sure I was relived with all my pain within a week with absolutely minimum use of painkillers or antibiotics.

Thank you Dr. Salah for this beautiful Smile. You truly are the “Friendly Neighborhood Dentist.”


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