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Gum’s Love-Hate Relationship With A Crown

Gums love smooth surface of a dental restoration and in actual will grow and hug around a shiny Dental Crown or Veneer. They are very sensitive in nature that; any minor irritation can lead to gum bleeding and recession.

Gum bleeding immediately after any dental work is common. However, chronic bleeding after any dental fillings or restorations can be considered abnormal. Bleeding in these conditions can be continuous and might also be hard to control. If left untreated, they can also be a cause of bad breadth and staining on the teeth.

The main cause of gum bleeds after a dental restorative work can be due to irregular margins of the fillings or crowns. These margins can act as food trap which leads to bacterial build ups around the restoration. Improper contacts between the adjacent teeth can also cause annoying food impaction that may also lead to gum bleeding and bad breadth.

Gums (Gingiva) usually repair itself from minor insults, but it’s a losing battle against a sea of bacterial invasion. Most Dentists respects the Gums and will do whatever it takes to avoid these situations while performing dental treatments especially restorative. Gums either loves your new crown or hates it. What do you prefer?