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Myths And Misconceptions About Orthodontics Treatments

As your children begin to approach the age when you’ll be considering orthodontic treatment for them, you’ll have some decisions on your hands. You’ll want to feel confident that you’re getting the best treatment and ensure that you’re looking after your child’s smile and general oral health. There are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about orthodontics that can stand in the way of making the best decision for your family. Pearl dental clinic Dubai, the most trusted dental clinic in UAE debunks some common misconceptions associated with braces treatment.

myth:1 – braces are expensive !

Your smile is the only curve that sets everything straight. From simple to complex cases which may have a time frame ranging from a few months to a couple of years, the benefits of investing on your smile is worth it. We offer flexible payment plans to ensure you have a hassle free journey towards achieving that beautiful smile.

myth:2 – frequent follow-ups are not necessary

No. This is not a one day, one week or one month deal. The movement of your teeth need to be carefully monitored. Elastics and wires need to be changed during each phase of treatment. Moreover, the health of your teeth, gums & jaws have to be closely screened. Follow ups are a key to ensure your treatment is on track.

myth:3 – braces are only for cosmetic purpose

No, Braces treatment is beyond just straight teeth. Crowded teeth can cause food debris to get accumulated between your teeth compromising your oral health and can even affect the way you pronounce certain words. Correcting your bite can help alleviate pain from your Temporo-mandibular joint. Correcting misaligned jaw can help with sleep apnea.

myth:4 -braces are only for kids and teenagers.

Thanks to the development in technology and also to famous celebrities like Faith Hill, Tom Cruise etc who have made braces more appealing. Today one in four patients is an adult. If the idea of metal braces seems in sightly to you, we have a wide range of options available for invisible orthodontics. You are never too old when it comes to improving your smile.

myth:5 -teeth needs to be pulled out for braces

Not all patients require tooth to be pulled out. Minor corrections can be dealt with ease without any extractions. Only in case of severe crowding, protruding teeth or deep bite, extraction is advised. When it comes to removing certain teeth, many patients or their parents may raise their eyebrows. It is very common to witness this. However your orthodontist will advice extractions ONLY if there is no other option to create space in order to align your teeth on the arch line.

By not taking care of any alignment issues now, you are setting yourself up for more painful and expensive health issues later in life. Take care of yourself now. Want to learn more about current orthodontic treatment and how it can help improve your smile, contact us today.Here at Pearl Dental Clinic Dubai, we work to deliver splendid results in the shortest time period possible.
We believe that everyone can have a healthy smile for life and with our help it’s easier than you think!

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