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Root Canal In Children: Ask The Dentist

Wondering Why Your Child’s Dentist Advised A Root Canal Treatment For The Milk Tooth ?
Root canal treatment (RCT) is a method of saving the tooth with bacterial infection or inflammation by removing the infected pulp in the center of the tooth.

Yes. This is done even in milk tooth.
In case of deep cavity, infection and pain in a tooth, instead of extracting the teeth we advice Root canal treatment (RCT) .

Now you maybe wondering ” milk tooth will eventually fall off then why ? ” This is because when a tooth is extracted, a gap or space is created. This can lead to the adjacent teeth drifting slowly into this space. Thus closing the gap and causing the permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong direction.

Another concern is chewing problems in the extraction space which can compromise on the intake of food and lead to nutritional deficiencies in growing children. This may also cause speech problems while pronouncing certain words.
Therefore it is important to save this tooth until the time required for the succeeding tooth to erupt.
the tooth can be saved in two ways :
Pulpotomy :
Where only the pulp chamber is involved and it requires clearing only the infected pulp and replacing it with medicated filling.
Dental procedure that involves removing the whole pulp tissue from the crown down to root of the tooth to treat infection and avoid tooth loss.
A local anesthesia will be administered to make your child’s treatment painless and comfortable. Depending on the severity of the infection, one or two visits may be required.
Finally, a cap will be cemented to the root canal treated tooth to strengthen the tooth and prevent further cavity.
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