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Save Money On Your Next Dental Appointment

Of all other medical specialities, dental treatments in Dubai come in as the most expensive to many and due to this, most people tend to delay their dental treatments if it does not bother them. However, this is how, the treatments can get even more expensive.

If you have a dental need, and know that your next dental appointment is going to be expensive; then there is a way to get your next treatments at a discounted costs or even free of charge without even asking for it.

Being a Dentist, I have rewarded my patients with complimentary dental treatments and discounts just for being friendly and loyal. Listed below are five effective ways to save money on your next dental treatments.

loyalty rewards

Being loyal to any business has its rewards. This is specially true to service industries, such as restaurants, beauty salons and also the dental clinics. Find a nice clinic and a good dentist you are comfortable with. Most clinics, will always want to retain its customers and so, they are inclined to provide exceptional service with complimentary treatments to their returning clients.

being nice and friendly

Nice people are always well taken care of by any institution. The staffs are always stressed to perform well and keep a smile on their face no matter what. They may be having a bad day with their friends, family, colleague or even their boss. You can make a change by smiling back and complimenting them for their services. This will inspire the staffs to be nicer and much more friendlier to you. When they see you the next time, they are going to remember you very well and exceptional service will come back to you spontaneously.

dressing up and smelling good

A well dressed individual is always welcomed into any business with respect. Everyone shows interest in others who are well dressed and so does the dentist and his friendly staffs. Good dress can also make you look great as it brings confidence in you. I have had people walk into my practice in smelly gym clothes and Pyjamas. Perfumes can bring happiness to people around you and people who are happy and energetic are not forgotten easily.

good oral hygiene

Although Dental healthcare professionals are accustomed to dirty mouths and grossly damaged tooth, they would always love to see a nice and clean mouth. It sends a message that you really care for your dental health as much as your dentist is passionate about. Please do not eat, drink (coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks) or smoke just before you walk into a dental clinic. It would be great if you could brush and floss your teeth before going to your dentist. The smelly mouth is really a put off. Most dentist do reward a clean and well kept mouth with discounts in order to keep their clients motivated.

referrals and gifts

People need to know about great service you have received. The best way to help your good Dentist grow is to give him testimonials or reviews on social media. Referrals and testimonials would make a great return gift to the dentist and staffs. With a little effort, you can be an ambassador to your favored dental practice and does not cost you any money. Most dental clinics has high regard to their clients referring them patients and are most likely to return the favor by providing unlimited amount of free dental treatments.

Let me know what you think about these valuable tips. If you like this article, please like and share. I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions. It need not necessarily be related to a dental clinic.