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Why Do I Have One Discolored Tooth? - Pearl Dental Expert Blog

Are you wondering why your single tooth is getting discolored and standing out in your smile. Why even after teeth whitening this one tooth remains darken even when all other teeth have whitened???

Let’s begins with what makes a tooth become discolored and non- vital/dead?

Tooth trauma is one of the most common causes of a dead tooth. It can be caused by sports injuries, children or adults falling on their front teeth, severe grinding, and physical altercations – any form of physical knock on the tooth can result in a dead tooth.

When knocked, the blood supply at the tip of the root can be cut -off. This can damage the nerves in the pulp of the tooth which can result in an infection and cause the nerve to die over time. This is also sometimes known as a non-vital tooth.

Severe tooth decay is another reason .When a dental cavity is unchecked and gets very large. The bacteria reaches the inner pulp layer of the tooth and damages it.

Signs and Symptoms

It is possible to have no symptoms when a tooth becomes non vital which makes it very difficult to identify a dead tooth just by looking at it and that is another reason why it’s important to visit a dentist for a regular dental checkup.

However, one main symptom of a dead tooth is tooth darkening. This discoloration is due to “bruising” from the dying blood cells and it increases with time.

Another sign of a dead tooth is an unexplained swelling around that area. It is because when the tooth pulp dies bacteria builds up in the tooth and this eventually can spread outside of the tooth at the end of the root
creating a dental abscess. If abscess is present, you may notice a bad taste, swelling, an altered smell of the area, or a pimple on the gum. 


A root canal is a procedure that involves deep cleaning of the infected and inflamed nerve or abscess of the tooth canals. This process relieves your tooth of pain and prevents the infection from spreading to your
gums and other teeth in your mouth.

Dead teeth have a tendency to be brittle and easily chip and break, so the treatment doesn’t just end with a root canal. However, you’ll need some more help in restoring your tooth’s strength and natural color like a
veneer, crown. And sometimes a dead teeth need to be removed.

From a root canal to crowns, teeth whitening to dental implants, you can find all of the treatments you need for a non-vital tooth in Pearl Dental Clinic.

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Pearl Dental Blog by:  Dr. Manali Ranawat