Kim Knowles

Really friendly atmosphere and people here. Great dentist, made me feel at ease and explained my treatment very well.

Julie J.

Good service and staff. Procedures well explained and keeping the patient informed. Future procedures recommended well..

Rashma Abdul R.

Excellent service. Appreciate the efforts by the dentists in explaining about dental care to their patients.

Endrica M.

Dr. Salah has a personalized touch in his treatment which always drives me back to his clinic and great atmosphere with good treatment.

Elisabeth P.

Very satisfied! Everyone is super professional and they care about me! I will recommend this clinic to my friends.


Dr. Salah is amazing!! By far the best dentist I have ever visited.


Great treatment, no pain whatsoever also really good advise. Will come again.

Artem S.

My wife was very happy. Your staff is friendly and brilliant. Dr. Salah is very professional and did a good job.

Lina M.

Very friendly staff and Dr. Salahudeen was very professional and also friendly.

Lema H.

Very Professional, made me feel very comfortable and seemed to be very well informed. Will definitely recommend.

Emilene P.

Great experience. Was lovely the way he explained everything in so much detail and staff were very friendly..

CT Chambers

I am at ease when I come to Pearl Dental Clinic. The staff are friendly, professional and great me with happy smiles. J Keep Smiling.