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PORCELAIN VENEER : POST TREATMENT INSTRUCTIONS - Most recommended dental clinic in Dubai


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We have placed porcelain veneers on your teeth. These restorations were placed with the finest materials
and techniques available today. You should be aware of the following information about the restorations.

CHEWING: As with natural teeth, avoid chewing excessively hard foods on the veneered teeth
(hard candy, ice, raw carrots, bones, etc.) because the porcelain can break under extreme forces.

CONTINUING CARE: Visit us for check-ups at regular six-month duration.
Most problems with the veneers can be identified at an early stage and repaired easily.

Brush with a fluoride containing toothpaste and floss after eating and before bedtime.
Swish for at least 30 seconds daily with a fluoride containing rinse.
The best time is immediately before bedtime.

Highly consider wearing a night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep to avoid grinding or clenching.

Extreme force or trauma can break porcelain veneers.
Use care in sports or other potentially traumatic situations.
We have done our best to provide you with the finest quality oral restorations available today.
However, as with many restorations, replacement of these restorations may be required after several years.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity, especially to cold, is common for a time following treatment.
For the first few days avoid extremely hot or cold food or beverages.
If your gums were re contoured during treatment they may be tender after the anesthesia wears off.
Rinsing with warm salt water by dissolving 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8oz of warm water will help.

Home Care: To maintain the veneers and your new smile, it is important to remember
that the underlying teeth are still vulnerable to decay, especially at the gum line where the tooth and the veneer meet.  It is important to resume regular brushing and flossing immediately.
Daily home care and regulating your intake of sugar-containing food will increase the longevity of your new restorations.