We at Pearl Dental Clinic Dubai, understand your anxiety and helps you ease your tension before the treatment. Our #FriendlyDentist will explain to you what’s happening at every stage of the procedure, thereby preparing you for what's to come.

How to overcome Fear of Dentist or Dental Phobia?

Some people don’t look forward to dental appointments any more than they look forward to visits to a physician. Most dental procedures aren’t painful. However, just being examined can make people feel stressed.

Oral and oropharyngeal cancers are the largest group of those cancers which fall into the head and neck cancer category. Common names for it include such things as mouth cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, and throat cancer.


Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palate, sinuses, and pharynx (throat), is the sixth most frequently occurring malignant tumors and is increasing at an alarming rate.

C. Armstrong

“The Dentist was honest + very professional, giving advice for the benefit of the patient and not profit driven. Parking was difficult – took 15 mins time being outside, to getting parked”

Wafaa Houdaj

“The dentist was ready to answer my question I had about my condition. The treatment was efficient and the healing process didn’t take much. The dentist was keen to not let me suffer from any pain during the whole procedure. The dentist was flexible with the timing and accepted to receive me after office hours….

Darshan Desai

“Dr. Sala’s attitude and treatment matched his kindness at all times. I would strongly recommend him to all.”

Qin Yang

“Doctor is very kind and nice suggestion for myself(treatment). Reception is very polite.”

Anara Ubinamin

“Very professional and kind approach. The doctor is very kind and explains everything patiently and sharing all details.”

Saurabh Bhalla

I visited Dr Salahudeen Aboobacker’s clinic and was accorded with a courteous welcome at the reception. The receptionist was expecting me and ushered me to the treatment room immediately. Dr Salah loves to talk and explain the reason why our teeth are in the condition that they are. He truly designs smiles. Not only does…

Rikke Ebel Nielsen

I am not a big fan of going to the dentist; it is expensive, scary and unpleasant. Dentist Dr. Salahudeen has changed that for me. He is passionate about his work but also about his patients. He really wants to give the patients what they are there for. His prices are very competitive to the…

Melowin C.

Thank you ☺ Dr. Salahudeen. He has been very good in his field. He really look after his patients. The entire team is superb.

Annabelle D.

Great Treatment. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Very happy with the service.

Rena I.

It was amazing! I didn’t feel any pain. I’ll definitely comeback again. Thank you so much!! I can smile now as much as I want. ☺


The Dentist was very helpful. Explained the entire process thoroughly.