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Essential skill series for Doctors - Multitasking - Most recommended dental clinic in Dubai

Essential skill series for Doctors – Multitasking

You, as a doctor, are required to multitask all the time. A healthcare professional have to multitask during consultations and always while performing surgeries to treat their patients. On most occasions, doctors have multiple things to do in-between the patient appointments, such as answering emails and returning dropped calls apart from updating patient records.

A free mind is essential to help you concentrate on the surgery that you are about to perform. Upgrading your organizational skills can help to save time for you and your patients.

Here are 5 great tips to help you guys start thinking about getting organized. Feel free to comment or even add your own input and help others find value from this article.

Tip 1: Plan ahead of time

It has been mentioned many times and here it is once again. Planing ahead of time will get things done in a very structured and time efficient manner. You are the leader in whatever role you may play within your institution and its upto you to take charge of the presenting situation. Planning helps you to prepare for the worst circumstances and also at the same time make you look professional.

Tip 2: Build a team

A team can better manage a situation than an all-in-one person be it running a tight patient schedule or save a life through Basic Life Support. You should learn to let go and provide more flexibility to your staffs and/or your colleagues to take the lead. It may surprise you to see how effectively they perform and make your life so easy.

Tip 3: Prioritize your work flow

Prioritizing your work flow is an excellent way to manage your time and also to get things done on the same day. The tasks usually piles up and get carried to another day. Try and finish the most difficult work first and then keep the easy stuffs towards the later part of the day when you are exhausted. Imagine seeing your desk and your computer clean and clutter free.

Tip 4: Invest in automation

Doctors are not known to be tech-savvy, but being one has its pros. Life is amazing if you can automate your tasks on your computer and mobile phones. There are plenty of apps out there these days to help you completely free up your valuable time. You can also get help from anyone in your team or even outsource it to a company that can help set up your computer to do the same.

Tip 5: Looking forward

We as doctors, find little time for ourselves as we are caught up with fast paced lifestyle and responsibilities. Looking forward to restart your gym membership or your long lost hobby will be a great motivation to having things done and freeing up a lot of time. It is also possible to find plenty of time for our families if we will! Having a positive mindset and something to look forward to, can help solve all the piled up clutter on your desk and also in your head.

You may come up with few more things that can help you better organize other than these valuable tips. Please feel free to leave a comment or even share amongst your colleagues to get more from this posts.