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Veneers - Pearldental


Dental veneers or Hollywood smile is a quick and easy way to get a lasting glamorous smile you have ever desired. The dental veneers can be shaped to any tooth shade or color to suit your style needs. From Hollywood celebrities to Residents of Dubai are now able to enjoy glamorous lifestyle without the fear of staining their naturally looking white teeth.

Dental veneer is a thin ceramic laminate that are placed over the natural teeth in order to change its appearance in terms of color and shape. These ceramics are customized to suit individuals depend on the need of the patient. Dental veneers can correct worn out, irregular shaped teeth, discolored teeth and to certain extend align the teeth to form the smile line.

At Pearl Dental Clinic, we provide two types of dental veneers:

1. Prepped veneers
2. Non-Prepped veneers also called Lumineers.

Non-prepped or prep-less veneers are usually done on teeth that are well aligned such that the veneers when done will follow your smile line and will not look bulky.

Prepped veneers help those patients who does not have a well aligned teeth and wants to have a very natural looking tooth. The preparation on the tooth surface is usually within 0.5 mm any anything more than that will require the teeth to be aligned with braces or Invisalign before the veneer treatment.


  • Service of Certified specialist recognized as best in the region.
  • Minimal Time to the Perfect Smile.
  • Long Lasting results.
  • State of the art Technologies resulting in more accurate treatment.
  • Affordable and Flexible Payment plan