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It is very often experienced that the color of gums changes with time. Gum Depigmentation also known as Laser Gum Bleaching is a good way of restoring the natural pink look of the gums.

what is gum depigmentation?

As its name suggests, dark gum pigmentation refers to discoloration or darkening of the dental gums. The condition can affect the entire gums or just patches of the gums. Though it is not a life-threatening condition, the quality of your smile can be severely impacted if it goes left untreated. Since the gums are a visible frame around your teeth, gum discoloration can have a negative impact on the overall attractiveness of your smile, as well as your self-confidence. For this reason, this cosmetic procedure is becoming more and more popular among those interested in modifying their physical facial appearance.

what causes dark gums?

Like the color of your hair and skin, gum discoloration is primarily a genetic predisposition and is directly linked to skin conditions. It is generally not an indication of unhealthy or diseased gums. Discoloration of the gums may affect the entire area of the gums or only patches of the gums, and is more easily viewed in individuals with gummy smiles.

In many cases, dark spots on the gums appear as a result of physiologic gingival pigmentation, a condition that is caused by the deposition of the melanin pigment inside the gums. Just as our skin has the ability to increase the melanin discharge based on our amount of exposure to sunlight, gum pigmentation can also increase as a result of our chronic exposure to certain irritants, such as cigarette smoke and smokeless, or “dipping”, tobacco.

Pigmentation associated with smoking is called “smoker’s melanosis”. It is more easily seen in those with a light complexion and gums that are naturally pinkish in color. It appears most commonly as a brown band of color just beneath the gum line. Fortunately, it is a benign condition that can slowly but gradually reverse itself when the patient ceases smoking.

In addition to genetics and smoking, gum pigmentation can also be caused by:

  • Gum disease resulting from poor oral hygiene.
  • Endocrine disorders such as Peutz Jeghers Syndrome, Addison’s disease, and Von Recklinghausen’s disease, all of which are associated with increased melanin levels.
  • Certain medications, such as antimalarial agents and minocycline.
  • Gum discoloration can be caused by amalgam (silver) filling particles that have absorbed into the gum.

how is gum depigmentation done?

Yes, it’s possible to remove the pigmentation from the gum utilizing advanced cosmetic dentistry. This advanced cosmetic dentistry involves a treatment named Gum Depigmentation, where the dark spots on the gums are removed, and the dark color of the gum will be changed and returned to pink or red.

Thanks to advanced laser technology, more effective and less invasive options are now available, which include laser gum depigmentation or bleaching.

Gum Depigmentation vaporizes and removes a thin top layer of the gum tissue, destroying the cells that produce melanin. As new tissue is created during healing, it tends to be pink rather than brown. The treatment may require a local anesthetic injection and has a short recovery time with manageable discomfort. Sometimes depending on the color and depth of the dark patch, it could take several sessions to achieve the desired degree of lightening.

By using laser gum depigmentation services, you can have a picture-perfect smile. Though this is not a substitute for cleaning your teeth, it can help to remove pigmentation. Pearl Dental Clinic is one of the handful of clinics in Dubai that offers this treatment equipped with the latest laser equipment.

Treatment Duration: Usually 1 visit of 1- 2 hours duration. No postoperative complications & No Bleeding done using the latest laser equipment.

procedure for gum depigmentation

We initially carry out a detailed assessment to determine the amount and type of pigmentation that is needed for gum bleaching.  We will then provide a detailed treatment plan including costs of laser gum depigmentation.

We use the latest laser technology to carry out the gum depigmentation procedure. There will also be some anesthetic to minimize any discomfort felt. In most cases, it is finished in just one appointment. Some patients might require a follow-up visit, but this is dependent on the depth of pigmentation.

Healing time is quick, in a matter of days, for the vast majority of patients. This makes laser gum depigmentation an affordable way of caring for your teeth. This is because it provides minimal discomfort during and after the treatment.

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