The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of braces are the metal braces. They are made of premium quality stainless steel or titanium. With advance in technology, today’s braces are small, comfortable for the patient and maintain a low profile.
Metal braces are the most commonly used braces among patients of all age groups. Be it a teenager or an adult, metal braces along with colored elastics can add color to your smile. Even in terms of cost effective treatment options, metal braces are the most sought after.

What exactly are metallic braces ?

Traditional metal dental braces are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of high-grade stainless steel, metal braces straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires.

With metal dental braces, you have the option of adding colored elastics (rubber bands) for a more unique and colorful smile. Self-ligating braces are also available, which do not require colored elastics.


  • Least expensive type
  • Colored bands give kids a chance to express themselves
  • Better and Faster result


  • Service of Certified orthodontist recognized as best provider.
  • Dental experts to ensure a comprehensive and accurate treatment result.
  • State of the art Technologies resulting in more accurate treatment.
  • Affordable and Flexible Payment plan.