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Dentures are removable dental appliance used for replacing the missing natural teeth. These dentures can be used as a permanent option or as a temporary one till a permanent fixed option, such as dental implant or a fixed bridge.

Pearl Dental Clinic offers customized removable natural looking dentures to replace the missing teeth. These dentures can be full or partial to suit the patient’s needs. The technicians craft these dentures to make them look as natural as possible. Full mouth dentures are for proper who have lost all their teeth and partial dentures also called flippers are used for few missing teeth. Our dental experts have helped many achieve a beautiful smile they are comfortable with. The dentures also require to be fully functional when it comes to effectively chewing food and while speaking.

Pearl Dental Clinic also offers immediate dentures after a dental extractions, so that our patients do not have to step outside of our clinic with a gap in their smile. These dentures are temporary and used till the time that the wound heals and a permanent options become suitable.

Other options available at Pearl dental Clinic are:

  • Chrome cobalt dentures
  • Flexi dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are sturdy structures and frees up lots of tongue space which is otherwise covered by acrylic material for added support. Whereas flexi dentures are flexible acrylic material used in partial dentures. These dentures are free of clasps and increases comfort for the patient.

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