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Root Canal Treatment For The Baby Teeth.

Inside every tooth, in every person, is a material known as pulp. While the enamel and dentin on the outer layers of the teeth are tough and lifeless, the pulp inside is soft, living, and very sensitive. In certain cases, when the outer layers are damaged, it is possible for the pulp inside to become infected and generate pain. Infections in the form of pain or swelling in the milk tooth can be treated by a procedure called pulpectomy, which involves the removal of the whole infected nerve from the tooth that causes the pain.

pulpectomy: to save that baby tooth

The procedure is that it removes the infected or diseased pulp from the tooth. The goal of the treatment is to save the tooth so that it doesn’t have to be pulled. A pulpectomy is similar to a root canal, and is actually typically a part of the root canal process. Pearl dental clinic expert removes the damaged pulp from the tooth, the area inside the tooth is disinfected and then filled with an inert material.

pearl dental promise – pulpectomy:

  • Performed with utmost precision keeping in mind the needs of the child for a healthy smile.
  • Friendly and accommodating dental services.
  • Detailed explanation of the procedure.
  • Positive clinic experience for children in order to reduce potential dental phobia.

step by step, pulpectomy and restoration of the tooth:

  • First, the dentist will drill a small opening into the biting surfaces.
  • This opening will drain the infection.  Then the dentist will prescribe a course of antibiotics.
  • Removal of the infected tissue from the root canal.
  • Careful removal of all the infected tissue from the root canals.
  • Disinfection of the little root canal and filling the root canals to seal them.

frequently asked questions: pulpectomy

The simplest explanation of the procedure is that it removes the infected or diseased pulp from your child’s tooth. The goal of a pulpectomy is to save your child’s tooth so it doesn’t need removal. Your child will be given local anesthesia while their dentist or endodontist prepares their mouth and drills a small hole in the infected tooth. Like a root canal, a dentist removes the infected pulp tissue, disinfects the area, then places an absorbable material in the pulp chamber, as noted above.

Some people wonder what the difference is between a pulpectomy vs. a root canal. Children usually receive pulpectomies, while adults receive root canals. Another significant difference is that the pulpectomy procedure is just the first part of a root canal, while a root canal ends with a crown or permanent filling.

A common assumption about baby teeth is that since they will fall out eventually, there’s no reason to save them. Understandably, it can be difficult for parents to comprehend why their child should undergo a dental procedure on a tooth that’s just going to fall out anyway.

But primary teeth play an essential role that goes beyond only waiting for the permanent teeth to erupt. Along with helping your child eat, begin to form sounds, and speak, their baby teeth also preserve space in their mouth for the permanent teeth that will come in. But suppose one or more primary teeth fall out before permanent teeth are ready to grow in. In that case, your child may develop problems with their teeth alignment and be more prone to needing orthodontics.

That’s not to say that removing and restoring the pulp is always the proper treatment. In some cases, extracting your child’s tooth is the appropriate option. It all depends on whether the permanent tooth is ready to come in and replace the damaged baby tooth, how damaged the baby tooth is, and how deep the infection is. Your child’s dentist will be able to walk you through each option and educate you on which is best for your child’s situation.

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