Success Stories

Gap Closure with Composite Restorations

  • Gap closure and improved anatomy of Central incisors using Ceramic Veneers.
  • Notice the perfect shade match here.
  • Minimal tooth reduction was done here.

Ceramic Bridgework

  • Poorly fitted metal ceramic crowns (elsewhere) of this patient led to decay under her crowns
    and gum infection.
  • She had repeated episodes of Gum bleeding and bad breath.
  • Root canal procedure followed by Deep gum cleaning and proper medication helped her restore the Gum health.
  • We finished it off with these beautiful Ceramic Crowns.

Smile Makeover

Bleeding gums, poor old restorations and chipped teeth hindered this patients confidence.

  • He seldom smiled and always worried about his oral health.
  • Few rounds of prophylactic cleaning helped him control his Gum Bledding (Gingivitis)
  • We did a session of teeth whitening to brighten his smile
  • The final correction of gaps, chipped teeth was done with Composite Restorations.

Teeth Whitening

  • This young lady came in to have her smile brightened.
  • She has a beautiful set of teeth but they look yellow pertaining to coffee.
  • We did a thorough Cleaning followed by polishing with a polishing paste to get rid of stains. Teeth Whitening session quickly followed to give her this bright beautiful smile.
  • We also gave her home Whitening kit for Maintenance.